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Introduction of the Freddie Holliday Signature Snare Drum

The Freddie Holliday Signature Snare Drum is a 5 ½ by 14 drum that
features a candy apple cobalt blue aluminum shell, gold-finish die-cast hoops,
ten gold-finish Special Edition series snare lugs, the renowned GMS machined
snare throw off, ultra-precise stainless steel tension rods, machined
stainless steel receivers and Freddie Holliday signature badge.

After countless world tours and studio sessions with renowned
R&B/Pop singing group Boyz II Men and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends,
the OJays, to name a few, its easy to see that Freddie Holliday knows
a few things about getting a great sound. This is what lead GMS to
introduce the Freddie Holliday Signature Snare Drum designed totally by
Freddie and the GMS development team.

This drums aluminum shell produces a sound that is warmer and more
full-bodied than steel, yet with all the projection, volume,
and crack you can handle, making it the perfect compromise between wood and steel.
GMS brings their excellent craftsmanship to this very special drum that
will be enjoyed by all drummers seeking that true R&B sound.

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