New GMS White Ash Drum


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GMS Drum Co. has introduced a new series of drums featuring the unique  sound of North American hard white ash. GMS worked closely with world-renowned American drum shell manufacturer Keller to develop these 8-ply 100% ash shells. Enhanced with Keller’s proprietary VSS™ technology, they are available exclusively on GMS Grand Master Series and Special Edition (SE) Series drums.

North American hard white ash is distinguished from maple, birch, oak, and mahogany by its exceptional punch and focus. Keller’s VSS technology extends this wood’s low-frequency sustain to produce richness and balance that’s unequalled even by other ash-shell drums. “We experimented with different types of ash, including swamp ash [Southern soft ash],” commented GMS’s Rob Mazzella. “In depth, articulation, and sustain, nothing touched Keller’s VSS-enhanced North American hard white ash shells. Of course we’re very proud to be the only company offering drums made with these shells.”

ldquo;Combining the musical attributes of North American hard white ash with our VSS shell conditioning has created a truly new and exciting drum sound,” added Joe Montineri, veteran drum shell guru and Keller Music Division director of product development. “This exclusive GMS shell is crisp, punchy, and fat, with amazing amplitude, duration, and timbre focus.”

GMS’s Grand Master Series and SE Series drums have won critical acclaim by combining impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail with low-mass, small-footprint, stress-reducing hardware. For more information

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