::GMS Racing Stripe Acrylic Drums


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MUSCLE CAR BUFFS will recognize the narrow-broad-narrow rally stripes on GMS Special Edition G28 Acrylic drumsets and snare drums. Associated with the legendary GTOs, Firebirds, Camaros, and Cutlass Supremes of the 70s, this stripe pattern is available exclusively from GMS. G28 stripes are welded into the company's 1/4" thick, premium-quality acrylic shells.

GMS Special Edition drums unique lug design relieves stress on the shell while minimizing lug mass and footprint (shell contact area) to maximize resonance. New Special Edition long snare drum lugs provide improved shell support under high-tension tuning. This superior design complements the acrylic shells naturally focused sound and exceptional power and projection.

GMS Special Edition G28 Acrylic drums are available in nine color combinations including:
white stripes over transparent red, light blue, dark blue, amber, or green; gloss black stripes over amber or silver sparkle; and silver sparkle stripes over gloss black.

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